placenta tincture

Our Placenta Tincture Preparation is created by steeping a small piece of placenta in brandy and sunlight before being strained and blended with pure distilled water. It can be used by either the mother or baby during times of emotional imbalance or distress.

Placenta tincture has traditionally been used to encourage calm and strength during childhood teething and illnesses. If stored correctly the placenta tincture should last indefinitely.

Important Disclaimer: Mama Sage is not a medical body and does not claim to treat, cure, prevent, diagnose or relieve symptoms in any disease or illness. Mama Sage always advises you to seek advice from your GP, midwife or health practitioner if you have any problems with your post-birth recovery and health. Families who choose to utilise the services provided by Mama Sage take full responsibility for researching and using the remedies provided in this service.

Mama Sage specialises in preparing human placenta into various remedies in a stable, hygienic way. Mama Sage is trained through IPEN Placenta Network and adheres to strict hygiene standards. Mama Sage holds current certificates in NSW Food Safety; Bloodborne Pathogens and Infection Control. 

Mama Sage does not sell, market or distribute placenta products to the public. Mama Sage only prepares a mothers own placenta for her own consumption after birth.

A mother’s placenta is legally owned by the mother who birthed that placenta; it is her property and remains her property throughout processing by Mama Sage. Client's of Mama Sage pay for a private food preparation ‘service’ that we provide which preserves their placenta beyond immediate use.  Mothers pays for the knowledge and expertise of Mama Sage in this specialist subject and not for the placenta itself, as she already owns her own placenta (the product).